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Romantic surprise

Romantic Surprise

Hello everyone! and thanks for reading.
First of all I want to mention about this surprise.It will be my 6th dating aniversary soon .I'm not a person who thinks that a good gift is anything you can buy with money.Throughout my life I've  received many gifts ..... but, by the time, I've notice that the gifts I liked most weren't the most expensive ones. they were priceless.
And that's why,I decided to give my heart, bare my soul, give him my time to show my boyfriend how special he is for me.

What is my surprise?
One of his dreams is to have a song that is writting by me.
So I have started writting a song called: ''I love you and everybody knows it'' But then I thought that wasn't enough, what I feel is ever bigger than just a song, and that's when it ocurred to me I can ask people around the world who can take a picture with a poster wich is written ''Veronika loves you''
I will make a video with all of these pictures then I'll upload it on youtube You guys can see the results after I upload it...what do you think? it would be a good surprise?

 If you want to help:

1) Make a poster : Veronika loves you....with K please not Veronica.
2) Take a picture in a famous or nice place where you live or where you are traveling holding this poster.
3)  it's very important ...... They can't be made with photoshop ... because the idea is that the same message travel around the world.
4) send me to this email:

More detailed summary:

1) Write in a poster: Veronika loves you. with K please.
2) take a picture holding the poster in a place on a city.
3) Send it to me using this email:
4) Remind  that will be uploaded to Youtube later.

5) I'll be happy.
6) My boyfriend will cry because he will love this surprise.

If you need more information or you don't understand anything in details...please contact me.

And finally...thanks to everybody who sent me the picture already....You make me happy each day!

He is Alex Bergantiños a football player from ''El Deportivo de la coruña''....his favourite soccer team.
The poster is writting in galician,because was took in Galicia.

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